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LEAA® practitioner
Lumen Care Practitioner

Methode LEEA - Valérie Julien - SOKIAM

Emotional and Energetic Support


  During Kinesiology sessions 
for your safety and that of your children
the room that receives you is equipped with the  professional air purifier 
             AIR CLEAN 200 

Kinesiology and LEAA ® Method

-To move forward serenely on your path of Life,

-To overcome an individual, family, relational or professional difficulty,
-To improve your inner state: stress, fatigue, insomnia, lack of self-confidence, fears, phobias, tensions or discomfort,  
-To identify and gently release the allergens responsible for body reactions,
-To find a state of balance and increase your vitality,
I offer personalized help with Kinesiology or the LEAA® Method
These different approaches promote a return to balance
allowing you to regain vitality and expand your potential
Sessions are for adults and children of all ages.

massage des mains - Valérie Julien, Kinésiologue

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In person


Fleur en main, Valérie Julien, Kinésiologue

Kinesiology for your emotional balance

What is kinesiology ?

Kinesiology is a non-invasive, gentle, and respectful method allowing the energy rebalancing of the body.

It takes into account the physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspect of the person.

Kinesiology is based on muscle testing.

The muscular response given by the body is an indicator of stress and directs the kinesiologist to the specific tools that will allow you to find your own balance.

Why do a Kinesiology session?

Some examples :

  • Untie the blockages, the fears, what encumbers you

  • Release stress, emotions and even very old memories

  • Bringing back movement to move towards change

  • Reconnect your resources to radiate who you are (self-value, joy, centering...)

  • For children to access more concentration, organization, self-confidence...

  • Make sense of what you are going through

  • Find more vitality...

The LEAA ® Method

Face-to-face or remotely

Méthode LEAA

What is the LEAA® method?

The LEAA® Method is an energetic, natural non-invasive method and does not involve the use of medication.           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         
It was created by Karine Stock.
It can be practiced in babies, children, adolescents, adults
and the elderly.
The LEAA Method also releases emotions in animals.

Why do a LEAA® session?

  • To free yourself from emotional blockages:  
    self-sabotage​, anxiety attacks, malaise, learning disabilities, bereavement...

  • To free yourself from physical reactions (food, cosmetics, wi-fi waves, etc.)

  • To reduce tension

  • To soothe   the evils responsible for physical crystallizations

  • To find more well-being    

SOKIAM, Valérie Julien, Kinésiologue
Yoga sokiam valerie julien

Course of a session

It is practiced in 3 phases

  • Identify

By researching the origins of allergies and blocking emotions

Thanks to energy tests, the practitioner searches for the bodily memories at the origin of emotional blockages or anchored physical reactions.

  • To balance

In a natural way by combining sound therapy, aromatherapy, floral elixirs and yoga mudra. Balance also brings deep well-being.

  • To free

Body anchors through the use of solarizations, elixirs, yoga mudra, the power of words and intention.

This allows for the optimal release of emotional blockages and associated physical reactions.

For who ?

Kinesiology and the LEAA® method are intended for:


Pregnant woman 

The elderly




Méthode LEEA®, Valérie Julien
Kinésithérapie pour animaux


Food intolerances
          _cc781905-5cde-3194 &
Pollen reactions

  Lumen Care is a simple and effective method.

In 3 months I resumed a normal diet, my activities and my outings.

No more sneezing, runny nose and irritated eyes.
I would like to thank Valérie for her professionalism and kind listening.

Eliane D. 08/22

Kinesiology, like the LEAA Method, are non-medical wellness techniques that aim to empower people and help them find their inner potential.
The practitioner does not make a diagnosis, prognosis or prescription.
The kinesiologist, like the LEAA practitioner, does not ask to suspend treatment and respects the decisions of other health professionals.
For any health problem, I will refer you to a doctor.
The sessions do not replace medical or paramedical treatments: they complement them.

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