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Pour les bébés

Kinesiology or the LEAA Method

Methode LEEA - Valérie Julien - SOKIAM

Help with any topic related to your children's emotions

Both children and babies may need help at some point in their development to help them go through the different stages of their growth more serenely.

For the little ones:

  •   Difficult birth

  •  Crying for no reason 

  •   Restless nights

  •  Nervousness

  •  Regurgitations

  •  Colic

  •   Sore gums

  •   Milk intolerance…

I work in transfer with the collaboration of one of the two parents.
Your baby is either on you or right next to you, warm and can rest throughout the session.

Kinésiologie pour bébé, Méthode LEEA®, Valérie Julien, SOKIAM

For babies

Kinésiologie pour enfants, Méthode LEEA®, Valérie Julien

For kids

  • Difficulties in learning, coordination, concentration, organization...

  • Stress, anxiety, phobias, lack of self-confidence

  • Change of attitude (loss of appetite, anxiety, withdrawal, etc.)

  • Sleep disorders, falling asleep

  • Any change that may cause stress:

  • Back to school, moving

  • Arrival of a child in the family, separation, blended family, bereavement...

Pour les enfants
Réflèxes Archaïques

For teens

  • Difficulty adapting

  • Lack of confidence

  • Lack of benchmarks, motivation

  • Eating disorders

  • Addictions

  • Difficult communication

  • Orientation choice

  • Choice of place to live… 

  • Integration

  • Exams, competitions… 

Kinésiologie, Méthode LEAA® pour adosSOKIAM
Pour les ados
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