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Valerie Julien

Kinesiologist - LEAA® method in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

I worked for several years in hospital pharmacy. 
This experience allowed me to work with method and structure and to experience the various facets of this profession.
I was trained, among other things, in the manufacture of chemotherapy.
Always sensitive to natural approaches such as aromatherapy,
Bach Flowers, relaxation, energy,   I trained in these.
My path crossed that of Kinesiology when my children were still young. 
I noticed for me as for them rapid changes, a very present joy and a rediscovered lightness.
Then several years later I trained as a Kinesiologist.
This approach brings together all the others and considers the human holistically. She is original in her approach because she questions the body.
I was trained at EFKP (French School of Professional Kinesiology) for two years. 
School directed by Bernard Ophoven. 

I followed two other training courses in parallel with this course.
-The LEAA Method (release of emotions and associated allergies).
- Equine and animal kinesiology (dogs, cats, etc.)

Kinesiology and the LEAA Method are two different approaches to balance and harmonize the person.
Both complement each other perfectly.
Kinesiology is practiced face-to-face.
the LEAA Method can be practiced face-to-face or remotely.

Additional training :

LEAA method trained by Karine Stock

Lumen Care method trained by Olivier Coen
Archaic Reflexes trained by Françoise Guinard

Brain-GYM®/Kinesthetic Education trained by Nathalie Escoffier
Equine kinesiology trained by different instructors
Crystal Elixirs trained by Sylvie Crochet Ansil Laboratory
Relaxologist trained by Opale Développement
Energetics trained by Frédéric Ruscart
Bach flowers level 1 and 2 trained by the Bach Institute

These course validation certificates are in no way diplomas or certifications recognized by the state. They are in the field of so-called wellness or complementary medicine.

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