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Kinesiology or the LEAA Method for adults

Help for any theme related to your emotions 

Why do a session?

  • To help you through a difficulty

  • To overcome blocking emotions

  • For any stress causing blockages

  • To give meaning to a past present or future event

  • To be able to make choices

  • To find your balance 

  • To increase your vitality

  • To be on your axis again

Kinésiologie pour adulte, SOKIAM

For adults

Pour les bébés

Course of a session

In a safe and peaceful setting, the session can be done either lying down (keeping your clothes on) or sitting down.

The session lasts on average 1h to 1h30.

We discuss the reason for your visit.
What blocks you, what you want to change, modify, what prevents you from moving forward.
Throughout the session, I establish a "dialogue with the body". 
I am attentive, guided by the muscular response in order to identify the blockages, the stresses, the emotions hindering your balance, your well-being.

I then use the tools requested by the body to release stress and
the emotions crystallized in the present or in the past which will allow by releasing the knots a return to balance. 

The range of the kinesiologist being very wide, it makes it possible to use different harmonization techniques.
Balancing the Meridians or acupuncture points used in traditional Chinese medicine is one of them (we do not use needles).  

The tools used in the session are specific to each person and appropriate to your current needs.

At the end of the session I check that the body has taken this balance into account and that there is no more stress.

Pour les enfants
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