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kinesiology for animals

Help for any topic related to the emotions of your horses, dogs and cats

Equine Kinesiology

Why give your horse a Kinesiology session?

Horses just like humans feel emotions. 
They are endowed with a great sensitivity and normally ready to cooperate.

However, there may be incidents along the way.
It happens that one or more stresses create blockages, the emotional origin of which if not updated and released leads to a misunderstanding of the owner or the rider to the detriment of a balanced and fluid relationship with the horse.

Some examples of expressions of discomfort:

  • Uncooperative, wayward horse

  • Relationship problem with the owner or rider

  • Relationship problem with peers

  • Behavioral issues

  • Depression, emotional shock

  • Fears, anxiety, nervousness, aggression

  • Problems during unjamming

  • Physical problems

  • Character changes after an operation

  • Change of owner or stable

  • Chronic diseases

  • Others

I go in agreement with the horse to meet his emotions and I seek the information necessary to understand the problem. 
With specific tools I release the stress at the origin of the emotions so that he finds a state of balance and harmony.

Kinésiologie équine, SOKIAM
Kinésiologie pour chiens et chats, SOKIAM

Kinesiology for dogs and cats

Why give your pet a Kinesiology session?

Pets are emotional sponges.
They are often our mirrors and thus seek to express what they feel in different ways.

They also have stress, fears, anger sometimes at the origin of psychological or physical evils and which only ask to be freed.  

They live and feel emotions in their own way.

It is not uncommon to find in an animal the same emotion experienced by its master consciously or unconsciously.

It is often enough to update it so that everything balances and harmonizes.

In agreement with the animal, I go in search of information, emotions, stress and everything related to its problem that blocks its balance.

Then with specific tools I will release the stress at the origin of the blocking emotions so that your animal finds a state of balance and well-being.


Pour les chevaux
Pour chiens et chats

Equine kinesiology sessions are face-to-face.

LEAA sessions can be done face-to-face or remotely

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